Are you listening? Plastics.

In 1967, the graduate is counseled to pursue a future in plastics. Good advice for the time. To the modern business graduate, what is a sure thing?Regardless of what you believe the shelf-life of social media is, there is a fundamental shift in business communication that is occurring. At one point recently, the business world and the interactions between companies, and between companies and their clients was opaque. With the growth of social media, and the mindset of consumers that they can reach large businesses, that perception is changing.With this change, comes an opportunity for those who understand what to look for in a changing world. The people are not the social media experts and gurus who claim that Facebook and Twitter are the end-all-be-all of new business. The people who have a future are the people who understand that the world is changing and are constantly on the look-out for what will change next and how.

I don’t want to make light of the current state of employment in this country, nor do I believe that the current guard of business is asleep at the wheel. I am proposing that the savvy graduate coming into the business world will need more than a business degree to make a difference. The opportunity for new graduates to make a mark for themselves is leveraging what they have likely been using to communicate with their friends and family, using to promote their band, and using instead of a television to entertain themselves. They will need to bridge those tools to promote businesses and brand, but do so in a way that makes sense for the channel and time.

The same successful graduate who uses these tools will also need to be know why they are using them. Is Facebook a better choice because it has a broader demographic than Google+? Will Google+ provide a platform relevant to marketers? Having a hunch which is the right choice (and being able to articulate why) is what companies need right now and will be willing to pay for.

It sounds insane, but what the modern business needs is more alchemy than science. It’s the individual who can understand how to apply what is available now and read the tea-leaves to for the next big thing to come from Disrupt.