The Retina Display for Web Designers in 5-Minutes

Apple’s ultra-high pixel density displays have been available since the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2011 and more recently, the iPad 3. The newest iteration appears for desktop computing in their MacBook Pro line. Many speculate (and this is a safe speculation) that a stand-alone Retina display, or all-in-one iMac is soon to follow.

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Recently Read

Articles covered in this Recently Read post include Healthcare information for patients on the web and how industry giants are courting this new breed of consumer, 7 things you might be doing to hurt your pharma brand, Linking on the web-What is your linking strategy? and YouTube’s info-video: 60 hours a minute

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PharmaVOICE Social Media Showcase

Industry publication PharmaVOICE has released a special Social Media Showcase in their January 2012 edition. There are excellent perspectives representing a wide variety of perspectives from leaders in the field. Look for my contribution, Search and Social Media for the Pharmaceutical Industry among them.

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What CES has to offer the healthcare and pharma marketing space, RTCRM’s critical look at QR Codes, and how to review your emarketing campaign in 2012

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Please don’t censor the web

Please don’t censor the web.

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Hey! You’ve Got Your Computer On My Television

The living room is changing and these devices are at the heart of that change. People are already using their smart phones, tablets, and laptops to participate in social media and interact with others while watching popular television and sports events. The connected television will allow viewers to change from passive engagement with shows and online personalities to truly interactive content and material that is truly relevant to the viewer.

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Chris’ recent reads from the internet-this edition: 2011 year in review with Nielsen’s best top media campaigns of 2011, Interactive bests from Robert Fabricant and YouTube’s EDU site

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Partisan Social Media for #2012

CNET’s Rafe Needlemen has written a post forecasting what’s to come for social media in ’12. Among some excellent insight into the maturing mobile space and it’s impact on social media networks and some deliberation on this year’s IPO, Rafe hits on a point about the impact of social media on the 2012 Presidential Elections.It’s early for politics, but the last presidential election happened just as social media was getting widespread traction. Today, over 65% of adults, or a majority of “The People” are on Facebook and other social media networks.

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Phonetic Marketing

What does Siri (or voice search) mean to advertisers? If a user makes a request of Siri that is outside of it’s knowledge base, Siri will use a search engine for results based on how it has interpreted the request. This is where the shift is: Apple (and this category of voice-search) is conditioning users to make requests in plain language-a shift from how many people search AND an even larger shift from how many marketers are building their SEO/SEM campaigns. What would a newly launched XEROX be if it isn’t findable in 2012?

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XBOX LIVE AND MEDIA CONSUMPTION Microsoft’s XBOX console is quickly changing what it means to “watch” television and recreating media engagement for viewers and advertisers. Mindshare, a WPP agency, explains …

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Are you listening? Plastics.

In 1967, the graduate is counseled to pursue a future in plastics. Good advice for the time. To the modern business graduate, what is a sure thing?Regardless of what you …

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Windows 8 User Experience

Microsoft unveiled a preview release of their upcoming Windows 8 during their BUILD developer conference this week.Among updates the usual performance and security updates that usually accompany a new Windows …

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Culture and Technique

This week Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced his resignation. Mr. Job’s vision and drive is credited with turning a failing Apple Computer Company into the definitive leader in the computer …

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Excited About The Content Strategy Buzz!

With the buzzing about Content Strategy. and its status as the flavor du jour. Savvy agencies and web shops are hiring for this new position like a Social Media Specialist to the Facebook flame. From a practical stand-point, the Content Strategist role is not a new skillset, it’s a focused role of an editor, writer, or information architect.

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6 Digital Tactics For Your 2012 Brand Plan

The last days of summer are here and this is an ideal time to create your digital marketing plans and initiatives for the new year. To help steer your brand …

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An American Artform

Vimeo has become the epicenter of fantastic creative short-films and great storytelling. A new short by Josh Clason, part of the Depth of Speed series is an excellent example. A …

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Anatomy Of An eMail

eMails have been part of the marketer’s arsenal since the first websites sprouted from the digital protozoa. They lack the flair of social media, the metrics of websites, or the sizzle of YouTube. They are still a very valuable resource and a great way to engage an audience.

I’ve put together an basic outline of what makes for a strong marketing email. This is a good primer for anyone who is getting started in emarketing or if you’re starting to see the trend back towards the use of emails and email newsletters.

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5 Use Cases For Chrome OS

Chrome is competing with the tablets for a share of market. Apple’s iPad in particular has a strong foothold for the secondary device and thin-client marketing. The biggest advantage to Google’s offering is a near maintenance-free solution for administrators. For anyone in IT support, the idea of managing even the thinnest Windows installation is a bit of a nightmare. The constant updates, determining conflicts, anti-virus solutions, crashes, etc, etc. I don’t see a computing utopia through Google’s thin client solution, but it does offer a certain amount of freedom in it’s simplicity.

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Weekend Project: Twitter

Digital media is changing constantly. Never before have there been so many channels and platforms to share information and experiences. This new series, Weekend Projects, will take some of these …

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The Invisible Signature

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of very talented designers and art directors. Some have been mentors, some peers, and others, colleagues who I’ve found inspiring. What …

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