The Power of the First Person Perspective

The power of first-person perspective

aring a first person perspective, being only one genre of content podcasts can deliver, can telegraph to a patient or caregiver the shared emotion, empathy, and testimony of journey that can change lives. Hearing someone with your own local accent, using terms you may use yourself, and hearing someone talk about their disease can encourage advocacy, and allow patients to have better dialogues with their physicians.

Second Screen Marketing on Dose of Digital

Tablets are poised to change everything about how we consume media. The living room experience is now distributed across devices ranging from laptops to smartphones to gaming consoles. TV now has to share our attention with email, text messages, and even other video content.

Devices like the iPad and the Nexus 7 are making TV personal, actionable, and merging broadcast media with search. My guest post on WPP’s Dose of Digital outlines how the “second screens” we all use will change the way TV is watched and how marketers communicate with audiences.