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What Does Your Health Data Say About You? You run with your Up, track your sleep with your FitBit, and track your calories with 40-30-30. Where does all of that data go? Who has access to it? How can you share it with your doctor and what exactly does it look like? Matt Balogh (Technology and big ideas) and I look at how privacy, portability, and ownership converge for the next frontier in big data: our health. You can vote online by visiting the SXSW Panel Picker.

The Modern Don Draper Is A Geek

I’d like to paint a different portrait of Mad Men character Don Draper. A Don Draper that, to have client confidence and power to influence an agency, would have to have up-to-the-minute understanding of market trends, a comprehension of demographics, insight into new communication platforms, a multiple screen display of his client’s Google Analytics and a massive Twitter following.

The Paper Resume Is Dead

Designer Victor Petit is in search of an internship. While many of us struggle with the size of type, order of positions and descriptions we have on our own resumes, Victor shows why the classic CV is just no longer relevant and an inspiring way to use QR Codes.

Regulated Ingenuity

Working with the healthcare industry presents a lot of creative challenges: Legal disclaimers, required safety information, “small” print that appears at an equal font-size to headlines, lack of visual dividers …