Excited About The Content Strategy Buzz!

The last few months have had the web (to be precise, the geeky community that design, develops and writes for the web) buzzing about Content Strategy. This new function of web development and marketing is the flavor du jour for savvy agencies and web shops. Like the Social Media Specialist before it, this new position is a requirement for success for digital projects! Or is it?

I’m typically very skeptical about trends that come so quickly and offer a silver bullet for every problem. The position of, or at least the practice of Content Strategist is one of these cases.From a practical stand-point, the Content Strategist role is not a new skillset, it’s a focused role of an editor, writer, or information architect. The short version of this job role would be to look at a website’s content and structure to be sure that it is addressing the needs of it’s audience, niche audiences, the needs of the client and has a place in the market that is relevant and competitive.

Unlike other iterations of buzzword bingo positions, recognizing the need for a key team member to manage the content for large website projects is a huge benefit.The itch that this team member will scratch is channeling the entire editorial effort of the project to several focused goals. While writers are dealing with specific pieces of the puzzle, and editors how the puzzle is held together, The Content Strategist will be looking at the picture the puzzle makes and where each piece will lay.