What Matters For Healthcare at CES 2015

CES ushers in every year with a promise of innovative technology and solutions that inspire and excite us. This year, more than ever, CES is a catalyst for those working in healthcare. Wearables, fitness trackers, and an emerging focus on health are putting an increasingly bright spotlight on managing our bodies.

Here are some of the bright spots from CES already:

LogBar is a ring that interfaces with your smartphone to allow for gesture input. Despite appearing as a very novel extension for input, the ring actually enables greater accessibility to devices for those that are physically impaired. There is also an opportunity to leverage the LogBar ring as solution to interface with healthcare technologies in a sterile environment. This is one example of how healthcare technologists can leverage new interfaces and user experiences to help extend the value of communication to patients.

In a much more broad application, autonomous cars from BMW and AUDI have made appearances at CES this year. Both provide novel approaches to moving technology into the periphery of our lives. The assistive technology in BMW’s demonstration moves us towards integration between our health-status in the car and an intelligence that will increase safety for both the driver and pedestrians in the event of someone falling ill or being disabled while driving. This is another example of how we are beginning to see technology slowly relieve the dangers of an aging population in our country and still provide the freedoms that yield a healthier mental state.

CES is showcasing several new phones from ASUS that break ahead of the current market of flagship phones from Samsung and Apple. Although this is not groundbreaking news for anyone in the healthcare arena, it does move the market even closer to one that is “mobile-first”. Bigger, more powerful, more adaptable smartphones will result in more convergence between the tablet and phone markets and a greater focus on mobile optimized healthcare communication and tools.