Phonetic Marketing

With Apple’s release of beta program Siri to the public, there is a new opportunity (and challenge) for facing marketers: Phonetic marketing. Although voice search has been available for Android for more than a year, and new browser releases allow for voice search using your computer’s microphone, Apple is the company that usually forces traction for the everyday man’s adoption of new technologies. Siri is software that interprets your plain-language requests from the iPhone’s microphone and responds with an appropriate action. If this sounds intriguing and you haven’t see a demonstration, take a look at ThisIsMyNext’s Siri compilation.

What does this mean to advertisers? If a user makes a request of Siri that is outside of it’s knowledge base, Siri will use a search engine for results based on how it has interpreted the request. This is where the shift is: Apple (and this category of voice-search) is conditioning users to make requests in plain language-a shift from how many people search AND an even larger shift from how many marketers are building their SEO/SEM campaigns. What would a newly launched XEROX be if it isn’t findable in 2012?