The New Microsoft Branding

Microsoft is in a year of reinvention. The company is trying to shed an image of stuffiness, slowness, and “uncool” with innovative new products, aggressive marketing, and a significant movement with it’s core strategies. To punctuate these operational changes, Microsoft has released a new brand mark and visual Identity.

Recently Read

Articles covered in this Recently Read post include Healthcare information for patients on the web and how industry giants are courting this new breed of consumer, 7 things you might be doing to hurt your pharma brand, Linking on the web-What is your linking strategy? and YouTube’s info-video: 60 hours a minute

Phonetic Marketing

What does Siri (or voice search) mean to advertisers? If a user makes a request of Siri that is outside of it’s knowledge base, Siri will use a search engine for results based on how it has interpreted the request. This is where the shift is: Apple (and this category of voice-search) is conditioning users to make requests in plain language-a shift from how many people search AND an even larger shift from how many marketers are building their SEO/SEM campaigns. What would a newly launched XEROX be if it isn’t findable in 2012?

Scent As Branding

In competitive spaces like the hotel industry, differentiation is crucial. Defined by many difficult to articulate properties, service, ambiance and implied personal taste being examples. Modern brands have found new …