The Power of the First Person Perspective

The power of first-person perspective

aring a first person perspective, being only one genre of content podcasts can deliver, can telegraph to a patient or caregiver the shared emotion, empathy, and testimony of journey that can change lives. Hearing someone with your own local accent, using terms you may use yourself, and hearing someone talk about their disease can encourage advocacy, and allow patients to have better dialogues with their physicians.

Google Living Stories

Google is partnering with prominent newspapers in the US to help make the content they provide more relevant to users. This new format moves well beyond the formula of providing the same content from a print to the screen with the addition of some images and a social media mechanism. The new format, the Living Story, is a much more contemporary approach to online news. Beyond the pedestrian inclusion of video assets and link sharing tools, the living story, as the title indicates, is in a constant state of change.

The Future of Periodicals: Print 2.0

Wonderfactory, a new media thinktank has posted a demonstration done in partnership with TIME, Inc. Although it’s not clear if this video demonstration has been created by or on spec with Sport Illustrated, it’s a very compelling demonstration of what a new, portable media device can mean for the periodical and advertising industries. This can create a new opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry with new ways to provide safety and prescribing information in conjunction with dynamic and engaging media.