PharmaVOICE Social Media Showcase

Industry publication PharmaVOICE has released a special Social Media Showcase in their January 2012 edition. There are excellent perspectives representing a wide variety of perspectives from leaders in the field. Look for my contribution, Search and Social Media for the Pharmaceutical Industry among them.

iPhone Diabetes Application: A New Frontier for the Glucose Meter Industry

The next generation of iPhone software will change the medical hardware market.

Apple announced that they will be releasing the 3rd generation of iPhone software this week to developers. This is has become an annual announcement and clearly a large update with functionality improvements including copy and paste, search, stereo bluetooth and file sharing. Many of these new features had been a long-time coming and had been anticipated. A significant improvement, and one that I am most intrigued by, is the opening of the iPhone hardware to application developers. Developers can now build software and design hardware to add functionality to the iPhone hardware and extend the device into a much more flexible platform. This is of course, pending Apple’s approval of any new device and wear the label “Made for iPod”. This is a change in position for Apple and an opportunity for anyone looking to improve and extend the usability of the 17 million iPhones and iPod touches in the hands of the public today.