The New Windows 8 Workstation

The Windows 8 user experience, formerly known as Metro, is beautiful to look at. The graphic approach to the user interface and chrome is current, user friendly, and honestly, a very relevant solution for both powerhouse desktops and tablets alike.

Windows 8 User Experience

Microsoft unveiled a preview release of their upcoming Windows 8 during their BUILD developer conference this week.Among updates the usual performance and security updates that usually accompany a new Windows …

5 Windows Apps I Can’t Live Without

I’ve gone back and forth between using a Mac and a PC a few times in my career. When I first started with web design, I was a die-hard Mac fan. OS9 and BBEdit were my tools of choice. I then began working for companies that only offered Wintel boxes for workstations and I quickly became proficient–and comfortable. You may consider it an example of Stockholm syndrome, but I began to prefer Windows after a while. Although I am back to the Mac, I’ve put together my MVP (Most Valued Programs) list-READ IT NOW