What the Designer Ought to Be

What the Designer Ought to Be: Let the designer be bold in all sure things, and fearful in dangerous things; let him avoid all faulty treatments and practices. He ought …

The New Windows 8 Workstation

The Windows 8 user experience, formerly known as Metro, is beautiful to look at. The graphic approach to the user interface and chrome is current, user friendly, and honestly, a very relevant solution for both powerhouse desktops and tablets alike.

The Retina Display for Web Designers in 5-Minutes

Apple’s ultra-high pixel density displays have been available since the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2011 and more recently, the iPad 3. The newest iteration appears for desktop computing in their MacBook Pro line. Many speculate (and this is a safe speculation) that a stand-alone Retina display, or all-in-one iMac is soon to follow.